Voice Logger Vendor Information

The following vendors provide voice logging equipment and software. Contact them directly for more information.

1Call, a division of Amtelco: The Infinity voice logger is a software-based call recording solution that automatically records all operator involvement with incoming and outgoing calls. The voice logger records the call audio, agent screens, account name, account number, agent, and call number. It can search for specific call recordings and comes with playback, backup, and archival capabilities, along with tools and reports to track recordings. The Infinity voice logger is useful for healthcare organizations that need to maintain call records for historically accuracy and want to ensure they are providing excellent customer service 24 hours a day.

Contact 1Call at 800-356-9148, info@1call.com, or visit www.1call.com.

OnviSource‘s OnviCord voice logging system is the voice and data logging component of OnviCenter, a suite of vertically integrated customer interaction management applications. OnviCord provides all the functionality required to engage in call recording, quality monitoring, and compliance management. OnviCord logs 100% of voice data and video recordings while engaging in agent evaluation, quality assurance, liability protection, and call archiving. OnviCord captures activity in single or mixed telephony environments. The system records calls and on-screen transactions for a virtually unlimited number of users, with protected Web-based access for convenient management on- or off-site.

For more information, go to www.onvisource.com or call 800-537-1827.

Record/Play Tek, Inc. provides the SCL 8900 Simple Computer Logger, which records nine, eighteen, or twenty-seven channels of audio from operator headsets, DID lines, POTS lines, and room microphones. The nine-channel system has 150 days of conversation recordings on an 80 GB hard drive, regardless of the activity level. Call center agents can search by customer account number (on Startel ®, Amtelco®, Telescan®, Morgan® systems) or by SMDR/DID information. The system runs on a standard computer or server and is easily installed on a standard telco punch block. The normal delivery time is two weeks.

For more information, contact Record Play/Tek at 574-848-5233, Stoll@recordplaytek.com, or visit www.recordplaytek.com.

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[From the Fall 2003 issue of AnswerStat magazine]