Telephone Nurse Triage Software Vendors

Telephone nurse triage software provides established and proven protocols, which can be used by trained and experienced nurses to verbally assess patient symptoms and conditions, making and documenting the recommended course of action. Here are vendors that provide Telephone Nurse Triage Software:

Clinical Solutions
6470 E Johns Crossing Ste 400
Duluth, GA 30097, USA
Contact: Darin Southard at 770-813-2114, 888-531-9206, or
Clinical Solutions is a developer of software applications for health care call centers.

Echo, A HealthStream Company
17085 Camino San Bernardo
San Diego, CA 92127, USA
Contact: Richard D. Stier, Vice President, at 800-733-8737 or
HealthLine systems’ healthcare contact center software solutions Sharp Focus® and EchoAccess™ support organizations’ priorities with tangible outcomes: Improve access; expand market share; create new revenue streams; and document ROI. Sharp Focus is the proven solution selected by leading healthcare providers nationwide. EchoAccess is healthcare’s first fully web-enabled contact center solution with a web-browser user interface. It integrates both inbound and outbound access portals, telephone, and website. EchoAccess is an uncommon solution for Uncommon Results. Yours.

Clinical: EchoAccess by HealthLine Systems features clinical guideline protocols from Cleveland Clinic, which are endorsed by leading health care organizations nationwide. Cleveland Clinic’s award-winning Nurse on Call clinical contact center has successfully triaged over 5 million clinical calls. Cleveland Clinic guideline protocols enable nurses to benefit from the knowledge and expertise of an experienced medical professional to review and recommend a care plan thoughtfully tailored for them.

LVM Systems
4262 E Florian Ave
Mesa, AZ  85206, USA
Contact: Robert Cluff, Vice President of Sales, at 480-633-8200 x223 or
The triage module in LVM’s E-Centaurus software uses the protocols authored by Drs. Barton Schmitt and David Thompson. The software fully supports triage nurses – making their jobs easier and more efficient. Advantages include:

  • Customization: LVM will customize the software screens and fields to support users’ unique call process.
  • Frequently Used Protocols: This option presents a pick list of the “top 15 or 20” protocols of your choosing. This time-saving feature can be changed as needed to reflect seasonal variations.
  • Medication/Dosage Calculator: When OTC medications are recommended within Care Advice, the nurse can access the software’s dosage calculator – saving time while enhancing accuracy.
  • Quick-entry screens: This is for call registration by a non-clinician. If your organization chooses to implement this call flow to improve service standards, the software fully supports it. Call queues can bridge multiple databases and/or be filtered by role and service line.
  • Question or Advice-specific Comments: E-Centaurus allows ad hoc information to be captured at the point (question or advice piece) it occurs.
  • On-call Schedule Automation: The software supports automated on-call schedule imports, allowing practices to send any updates to the on-call form via email and reducing manual maintenance.
  • Integration with Electronic Office Triage:  E-Centaurus can be integrated with Doctor’s Office Calls (D.O.C.) – an office-hours triage product for daytime use in physician practices and clinics (both use the Schmitt/Thompson protocols).
  • Analysis and QA Reports:  LVM’s software can report on every data element collected. Analysis of outcomes, referral rates, protocol usage, and operational performance is included in a comprehensive Management Report module.

Triage Logic
1959 N Peace Haven Rd
Winston Salem, NC  27106, USA
Contact: Ravi Raheja, MD, at 855-734-4463 or
Triage Logic is a health care company that creates sophisticated telephone medicine technology based on practical experience and a thorough under­standing of the field.  Having thirteen years of experience with call centers and triage calls, Triage Logic software has been developed by a team of physicians and triage nurses to be stream­lined, flexible, and cost effective.

They provide hosted solutions to some of the largest triage centers in the country and have the technical and medical experience to meet the unique needs of any call center, regardless of size. They are proud of their expertise in the field of telephone medicine as well as with the software’s ease of implementation.

Triage Logic software provides:

  • The latest standard-of-care triage protocols
  • Decreased training time for nursing staff
  • Remote monitoring of call volume and workflow
  • Thorough and accurate documentation
  • Fully integrated administrative and reporting tools
  • Fully streamlined and integrated data entry
  • Reliable, customizable web-based system
  • Optional secure, hosted, HIPAA compliant solution

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[From the October/November 2006 issue of AnswerStat magazine]