Case Study: Medical TAS Advances

By Samantha Walley

Comcepts is a Mississippi-based answering service assisting physicians and their practices nationwide since 2004. The software we were using could not keep up with our company’s growth. In some ways, it was actually holding us back, designed with a limited, one-size-fits-all set of features. However, we take a very hands-on approach with our clients. We provide an answering service experience that is more like an extension of their office than a generic call center. Plus, each of our clients would like their calls processed in a different way.

A few years ago, we began searching for new answering service software. From the moment we saw the client screen of one particular system, we knew we were close. It already had many of the features we were seeking, customization was possible, and ongoing development meant new features and updates would be available in the future.

Getting Up and Running: We implemented a training program well before the cutover so operators would be familiar and comfortable with the system early in the process. With our database switched over and the equipment tested, it was time to cut over. I won’t lie – I worried a lot before the switch, but it proceeded as smoothly as I could have hoped. We sequenced down the old system, and the new one took over.

Features and Benefits: The fun part started when we were able to use the system, experience the features, and customize each client’s screen for their practice’s needs. All the information our operators need is right in front of them, leaving no need to search for information on other screens or in multiple documents.

This gives operators the ability to complete calls faster. The information our clients deem important is gathered and delivered in the manner they wish without putting a strain on our operation. The same number of operators can now complete a greater number of calls in the same time, which translates into happier callers, pleased clients, and a more prosperous bottom line.

We now have the ability to add new services and features, which gives us an advantage in winning new customers, as well as retaining the loyalty of current clients. We have since added nurse triage services to our business offerings, and these services have been integrated into the system.

About Comcepts: Founded in 1999, Comcepts began as a medical transcription company based on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. In 2004, a client expressed his desire for an answering service that served “physicians only.” After much research and plenty of dead ends with existing answering services in the area, we decided to fill the niche ourselves. Comcepts has grown from a husband and wife team working around the clock to a dozen part-time, full-time, and reserve operators working in our offices. The addition of nurse triage services complemented and enhanced our answering service operation and is seen as an “added value” by our clients. For the next step, we are testing some operators working from home.

Samantha Walley is the president of Comcepts, LLC, which uses nCall answering service software developed and supplied by nSolve.

[From the December 2012/January 2013 issue of AnswerStat magazine]