WRB Communications Turns 15

WRB Communications, Inc., a medical communications contact center services company, celebrated its 15th anniversary on January 16, highlighting the evolution of a company that continues to grow every day.

“Our Anniversary is a testament to our staffs’ dedication to quality and service,” said Sylvia Williams, co-founder and president of WRB.  “Our medical and customer care professionals are the best in the business.  I am pleased that we have partnered with many pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device clients since we started.  And, we’re looking forward to the next fifteen years.”

Since 1996, WRB has remained focused on the foundation it has built.  “We are constantly staying in step with current technologies and helping people with the one of the most important parts of life — their health,” Williams added.

Denise Dixon, vice president, credits WRB’s ability to stay competitive in the call center industry with what’s at its heart: quality, compliance, experience, and reliability.  The evolution of the medical information call center industry over the past 15 years has been remarkable.  One aspect that hasn’t changed is the demand for the highest quality customer care service.  “Outstanding customer support remains [our] competitive distinction,” said Dixon.