Social Media Creating Quick Adoption of SymptomMD

Adoption and use of SymptomMD and Pediatric SymptomMD, the iPhone / iPod touch consumer applications based upon the Barton Schmitt-David Thompson telephone triage protocols, has been escalated by positive reviews distributed via Twitter, Facebook and various blogs.

“We didn’t realize how much social media would impact SymptomMD adoption,” stated Sue Altman, Executive Director of Self Care Decisions.  “The positive reviews of our iPhone apps have spread quickly.  The top reviewers are very connected  – usually talking/Tweeting to more than one medium.”

A recent AppStruck review was also instantly distributed on Twitter, naming SymptomMD as one of “6 Apps That Make Mom’s Life Easier.”

“Today’s Mom community is comprised of extremely active networkers,” Altman shared.  “They share a common bond in identifying and sharing the best tools and resources for supporting their multi-faceted roles and, of course, their families.  We’ve been reviewed by AppCraver, the iPhone AppReview, WorkItMom, and about a dozen bloggers – all giving a ‘thumbs up’ for SymptomMD’s easy navigation, clear language, and step-by-step self-care instructions.”