Office Ally Relocates to San Antonio

Office Ally is relocating its corporate office to San Antonio, Texas, where it will also open a customer call center and training facility to accommodate the company’s record-setting growth; it is currently located in Vancouver, Washington. Office Ally offers healthcare providers a suite of revenue-cycle management services including a practice management system, electronic health records, clearinghouse, billing service, and patient portal.

“A year ago we were taking 850 calls a day and now that number has grown to 1,800,” said president and CEO Brian O’Neill. “The new 17,000-square-foot call center will allow us to better accommodate this growth while also providing a 60-seat space for onsite training for local providers who want to avail themselves of that service.” To handle this volume, O’Neill says that his company will add 100 customer service representatives, trainers and technicians upon opening in San Antonio; and he anticipates growing by an additional 150 employees after six months.