MobiusVP Expands into Healthcare Market with Launch of Patients-Count

Patients-Count: Enterprise patient feedback solution

Offers customized platform to capture, measure, and improve patient and employee experience

Mobius Vendor Partners (MobiusVP) expands into the healthcare market with the launch of its latest product, Patients-Count®. Patients-Count is an online enterprise feedback management system tailored to the healthcare industry to capture, measure, and report patient and employee experience at each step of the care journey.

“Patient experience and employee satisfaction have never been more important as we’ve faced unprecedented healthcare challenges. We’re launching Patients-Count to help healthcare providers measure and manage every important key performance indicator at every touch point of a patient’s journey to help them meet their strategic goals,” said Bob Kobek, president of MobiusVP, a business process design, management, and performance improvement company.

Patients-Count is an extension of MobiusVP’s signature customer feedback solution, CustomerCount®, which launched in 2007 in the hospitality, timeshare, and contact center industries and has expanded into numerous vertical markets and industries.

“While the hospitality and healthcare industries are distinct, there are many similarities when it comes to measuring the guest and patient journey,”Kobek said. “Our 24-year, experienced consulting firm is very skilled in learning business processes, and we have over fifteen years of experience understanding customer and employee feedback in the hospitality industry. We’re well-positioned to enter the healthcare market and help healthcare organizations meaningfully measure and manage their patient and employee experience.”

Patients-Count offers a customized survey platform that enables healthcare providers to measure not only episodes of care, but every step of the patient journey, including between-care episodes. It also features the strategic ability to capture and report the experience of all stakeholders, including family members and critical members of the care team to understand and improve the wholistic patient experience.

“Many healthcare organizations rely on traditional survey methods to capture patient feedback and are missing key opportunities to use that data to improve outcomes,” Kobek said. “Our customized platform and consulting experience will help arm organizations with reliable data, robust reporting and actionable results to improve patient and employee experience and meet their strategic goals.”

To launch into the healthcare industry, Patients-Count went through months of a rigorous application process to earn its HIPAA certification. Patients-Count also complies with global, federal, state, and industry data privacy regulations, including W3C, TCPA, GDPR, and CCPA.

Patients-Count supports over forty languages with seventy report templates that help remove barriers to accessibility and understanding. It also features the ability to deploy surveys via email, SMS, QR code, WhatsApp, website, telephone, and mail (via scanning technology).

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