Industry Survey on Quality Practices

In August 2009, Call Center Consulting Network (3CN) will sponsor a Quality Practices survey for the services of triage and physician referral and appointments.  It will be open to healthcare call center managers across North America and focus on areas of policies, processes, behaviors/skills evaluated, and outcomes measures.  The survey will also include a drill down of the evaluation methodology and the roles of those who conduct quality assessments.

Several elements of this 2009 survey will be repeated from the 2002 analysis, offering how quality programs have evolved over time.  New additions include questions regarding service level standards (for both services) and the role of the call center medical director (for triage sites).
The Quality Practice results will be available to all call center managers who participate.

Participants will be asked to identify themselves, only to the extent necessary to verify their organization and contact information for results.  All data will be aggregated so that no individual responses will be discernable.  Specific section highlights will be published in articles and featured in presentations at upcoming conferences.

The survey link will be posted on from August 1 through 21.

For more information, email