Olive Branch Hospital Features Nurse Call and Staff Locating System

Methodist Olive Branch, the newest hospital in the Methodist Healthcare system, has gone live with CommonPath™ nurse call and staff locating system throughout its five-story, 100-bed facility. Olive Branch, which opened August 26, is located in Olive Branch, Mississippi.

“The system provides reminders on alerts and escalations and caregivers receive real-time information to help fulfill patient requests quickly and efficiently. The system also helps us dramatically reduce overhead paging – and a quiet environment positively impacts our HCAHPS,” said Methodist Olive Branch Chief Nursing Officer Annelise Jensen, RN.

Methodist Olive Branch runs the system in unit-based mode, with patient requests fielded at each nurse’s station. The unit secretary has voice contact with every patient and can immediately ascertain his or her need and alert the appropriate caregiver or staff member.

In addition to nursing staff, Olive Branch has included members of the Respiratory Therapy team and Environmental Services (EVS) in the nurse call system. “We look at nurse call as being an important tool to help us improve workflows throughout the facility, so we wanted to have EVS as part of the system,” said Jensen.