Call Center to Educate Employees on Healthcare Plans and Coverage

In anticipation of healthcare reform and the increasing complexity of benefits offerings, BeneTrac, a Paychex company and provider of web-based electronic enrollment and employee benefits administration software, announced a new call center service. Employers and brokers can enroll their company’s employees in the service, giving them the ability to call a dedicated, toll-free number, 24 hours a day, seven days a week for answers to questions about their benefits. The service is available year round ensuring that employees have a comprehensive understanding of their plans and options. Employees can also work with specialists to answer questions about claims and coverage.

BeneTrac specialists are equipped to address plan questions and specifics confidentially, in over 180 languages. They can access the same information available to the caller in real time and walk callers through the enrollment process. They can also provide a comprehensive overview of the customer’s entire benefit offering including: health, vision, dental, long and short-term disability, 401(k), IRA, supplemental, or any other employer sponsored plans. BeneTrac’s new call center also gives callers the ability to talk with a specialist regarding inquiries about claims or coverage for specific procedures.