Bluevolt Updates H1N1 Training for the Workplace: “Swine Flu and You”

BlueVolt updated its free H1N1 online course, “Swine Flu and You.”  The course is a quick way to teach people how to reduce their exposure to the H1N1 virus in the workplace.

Responding to the need for a credible, useful source of workplace flu prevention information, BlueVolt provides this interactive, 15-minute course available free. The course was originally released at the onset of the H1N1 outbreak and was recently updated to reflect the most current understanding and recommendations. It collects relevant material from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and other sources, presenting information in a useful, streamlined format focused on reducing the spread of H1N1 at work.

“As we enter the prime flu season, it is important for businesses to proactively provide a healthy work environment that helps employees prevent illness,” said Don Spear, CEO of BlueTech.  “We updated our free course to make sure everyone can conveniently benefit from this important information.”

“Swine Flu and You” delivers current, useful instruction applied to every-day business scenarios.  The course includes information on employer responsibilities and a prescribed course of action to respond to the flu epidemic.