Award-Winning Occupational Exposure Hotline Goes National

Fonemed and Florida Hospital’s Centra Care are offering their successful Occupational Exposure Hotline to organizations employing healthcare workers, first responders, and other at-risk groups throughout the United States and Canada.  The program has been serving nearly a half million Florida firefighters, police officers, doctors, nurses, dentists, prison guards, and various municipal employee groups for over a decade.  In 2008, the Exposure Hotline won an award from URAC’s national accreditation commission for Best Practices in Patient Safety.

Supported by Florida Hospital Medical Specialists, Fonemed is deploying specially-trained Registered Nurses throughout the US to respond by telephone to members exposed to blood and body fluids, communicable diseases, and unusual substances.  The hotline, using advanced technology and CDC protocols, allows nurses to provide a single point of contact for assessing exposure risks, providing follow up care recommendations, and documenting urgent situations.

Michael Stringfellow, a paramedic in Texas, noted, “Our members face daily the possibility of puncture wounds, infected persons, and potentially toxic substances.  Waiting, or even a trip to an emergency room, frequently is not an option.  In my opinion an Exposure program of this caliber is an invaluable asset.”