Amtelco Announces Server Version 6.8 for miSecureMessages Secure Messaging App

Amtelco and their 1Call healthcare division announced the release of new server version 6.8 for their secure messaging app, miSecureMessages. This new server release contains many new features such as:

  • High Availability Configuration: Allows miSecureMessages configuration for multiple servers, with automated failover from one server to another if the primary server goes down. This feature provides continuous uptime during server upgrades and maintenance and prevents downtime due to a single server failure.
  • Phone Number Masking: Phone calls placed from the miSecureMessages app displays the organization’s phone number instead of the device’s phone number. (Additional software required.)
  • Shared Device Licenses: Allows devices to be registered for use by multiple miSecureMessages users, enabling organizations to provide their employees with a pool of devices to use at work and keep personal devices off the network.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) Identity Provider: Keeps track of passwords and performs authentication.
  • Dark Mode (for iOS): The app will switch to dark mode when used on a device that is set to the “dark” appearance in the iOS settings. In dark mode, most screens display as white text on a dark background, instead of black text on a light background. 

“We are excited to release this highly anticipated version of miSecureMessages,” said Tom Curtin, CEO of Amtelco and 1Call. “I would like to specifically thank our group of customers who enthusiastically volunteered their time to test the app update to ensure it would meet the needs of all of our customers. Maintaining personal space while communicating with co-workers is critically important during the pandemic. We are proud to play a small part in protecting employees and their customers, as well as medical staff and their patients.”  

Originally created for the healthcare industry, HIPAA and HITECH-compliant miSecureMessages work for any business that needs to communicate securely. In healthcare, the app helps to unify hospital and clinical communications, and streamline care team coordination by enabling staff to easily share texts, photos, audio files, and videos for secure, accurate communication while protecting electronic patient health information (ePHI). The app also integrates with existing hospital alert software to help reduce notification time when an emergency code occurs. 

MiSecureMessages can improve communication within any hospital department. The app seamlessly integrates with nurse call systems and other alert software to expedite emergency code notifications. Healthcare call center operators use miSecureMessages to quickly contact on-call staff. Hospital maintenance crews can take a photo or video of a building issue and collaborate to address it, and housekeeping uses it for bed management to quickly inform intake that a bed is ready for a new patient, which improves their bed turnover rate. Lab personal and radiologists use miSecureMessages to promptly communicate critical results.