Alliance Healthcare Information Announces Multi-Lingual EU Call Center

In response to industry demand, Alliance Healthcare Information established a new multi-lingual inbound/outbound call center in Dublin, Ireland.  With a professional healthcare call center well established in the US, Alliance is bringing their practices to the EU.

Alliance specializes in handling complex projects requiring personnel with a high level of healthcare experience and expertise.  The goal is to provide communications center services in medical information and affairs inquiry programs, adverse event and product quality complaint handling, outbound patient compliance and support programs and outbound physician surveys and tele-detailing using phone, click-to-chat and co-browsing technologies.

Mary Anne Greenberg, CEO, Alliance Healthcare confirmed “Our clients wish to develop a global medical communication partner with whom they trust.”

Alliance Healthcare Information, LLC provides marketing services to the healthcare industry.  Using qualified, healthcare professionals in a communication center in Pennsylvania, Alliance provides Medical affairs support, as well as database and fulfillment support to the US Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies.