Vendor Spotlight: Call Center Sales Pro

Call Center Sales Pro Helps Healthcare Call Centers Achieve Better Outcomes

In 2014 Janet Livingston formed Call Center Sales Pro (CCSP) to help outsource call centers and telephone answering services. Since then the business expanded rapidly to cover all aspects of call center operation, with a focus on the healthcare call center industry and medical answering services.

Here are some of the key services CCSP provides to the healthcare call center industry.

HIPAA Training

HIPAA compliance training by CCSP will educate your healthcare call center employees about HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996), why it’s important, and how to follow its guidelines. This includes learning about PHI (protected health information), how to recognize it, and the essential steps to protect it. Also covered is the critical understanding into how PHI is transmitted between covered entities (CE) and business associates (BA).

This online video course has a live instructor and takes about 45 to 60 minutes. To avoid costly litigation and protect patients’ health information, HIPAA training is essential to your healthcare workforce.

Here is the key information about HIPAA training and certification:

  • HIPAA training is required for anyone with access to PHI.
  • Organizations must provide HIPAA education for all staff, with periodic refresher training.
  • CCSP’s online video course has a live instructor and takes about 45 to 60 minutes.

Healthcare Call Center Consulting

CCSP provides full-service call center consulting to help healthcare call centers with almost any facet of their operations, not just phone answering. Their professional call center consultants can assist organizations with call center operations, accounting and finance, IT, customer service, training, human resources, call center acquisitions and mergers, and other administrative tasks, as well as sales and marketing.

To help you make your call center better, CCSP can:

  • Add expertise to supplement your management team.
  • Optimize systems, protocols, and processes for optimal results.
  • Pursue new opportunities.
  • Solve problems that hold you back.
  • Change the direction of your call center.

CCSP is a reliable, full-service call center consultancy that specializes in healthcare call centers. Their team of professional consultants can assist healthcare organizations with their call center operation, customer service, and agent training. They can also address staffing, disaster recovery planning, and call center technology.

1Call Infinity System Optimization

The preferred call center system provider for many leading healthcare facilities is 1Call, a division of Amtelco. And CCSP, a contracted services provider, is an expert resource on mastering this powerful technology and harnessing it to achieve maximum results. Their contracted services can provide:

  • Strategic planning and logistics
  • Technical support and system engineering
  • Agent training and coaching
  • System setup, configuration, and optimization
  • Medical answering service functions

With CCSP as your strategic call center partner, you can expect these highly sought-after outcomes for your healthcare call center:

  • Help patients better manage their healthcare.
  • Increase per-patient revenue.
  • Maximize patient lifetime value.
  • Move your call center from being a cost center to a revenue center.

CCSP Fuzion Data Portal

Today’s leading call center systems produce an array of detailed reports to help management make informed decisions. Unfortunately call center managers and supervisors often spend too much time tracking down this information, merging it from disparate sources, and trying to make sense of it.

In the worst-case scenario, they simply ignore the data. That’s why CCSP developed CCSP Fuzion, to provide easily actionable information to healthcare call center management.

The CCSP Fuzion data portal provides one-stop management resource for call center supervisors and managers. It was developed by CCSP, who understands the importance of timely data presented in easy-to-digest formats. CCSP Fuzion comes with key reporting tools and evaluation instruments as standard components of this comprehensive portal:

  • Message logs
  • Customized agent QA and report cards
  • Agent productivity stats
  • Scheduling data
  • Center KPI and SLA metrics

Call center leaders need accurate tools that allow them to measure and manage in real time. They also need to be able to look at historical metrics to make solid decisions on running a call center. Everything call center leaders need to effectively gauge agent and call center performance is included in CCSP Fuzion.

Find an Outsource Call Center

CCSP offers a call center and medical answering service locator service. If you need a healthcare call center or medical answering service, CCSP can find the perfect match to meet your exact needs. With CCSP’s locator service, you can remove the hassle of vendor selection, tap the benefits of superior call center consulting services, and enjoy the convenience of a one-stop consulting solution.

If you need a call center or medical answering service provider to handle your facility’s communication needs at an economical price, then let CCSP take care of this for you. Because they have access to a wide network of providers, their call center locator service can find you the best provider for your needs and budget.

Contact CCSP for a free, no-obligation consultation on how they can help your healthcare call center or medical answering service. Learn more at 800-901-7706,, and