Vendor Spotlight on Echo, a HealthStream Company

Redeploy Your Legacy Call Center to Transform Patient Experiences

With CMS’s (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) launch of the Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Provider and Systems (CAHPS) program in 2006, hospitals have dedicated significant resources to improving survey results. Centralizing access and strengthening trust through a patient experience contact center begins at the first point of contact. For example, perhaps the caller is new to the community and is looking for a physician referral.

That first touchpoint is critical. According to Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development (SHSMD) 2012, the first three seconds of the initial interaction influences both hospital selection and subsequent preference.

A patient experience contact center serves as a health network’s virtual front door. It delivers personalized, trust-building support, and referrals before a patient receives care and individualized follow-up and coaching after the patient returns home.

Unlike a legacy call center, the EchoAccess PX Hub™ provides the specific resources you need to deliver engaging experiences.

Tools that Transform Caller and Patient Experiences:

  • Automate satisfaction surveys and patient experience scores.
  • Track population health goals and document messages to callers and patients.
  • Monitor and improve kept appointment rates.
  • Deploy post-discharge surveys.

Provider Directory with Visual Ratings:

  • Strengthen trust with graphically illustrated CHAPS scores and comments from previous patients.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of four deployment options which are cloud-based and API (application program interface) enabled.
  • Discover the relationship between patient experience ratings and provider directories.

Physician Referral and Physician-to-Physician Referral:

  • Sort provider lists by rotation priority, proximity, or next available appointment.
  • Connect referring providers and their patients with a panel of expert providers.
  • Select from dozens of criteria to ensure the optimal provider match.

Class Enrollment:

  • Add value to patients with user-friendly class and event registration on the phone or online with secure payment.
  • Enable online users to manage their registration with MyEnrollment.

Gold Standard Clinical Triage:

  • Triage with confidence. Schmitt-Thompson Clinical Content is preferred worldwide for telephone triage care and is the clinical content provider for EchoAccess.
  • Deploy over 600 adult and pediatric protocols. 

Avoidable Readmissions Reduction:

  • Document and track calls and texts to both patients and caregivers to increase rates of kept follow-up appointments.
  • “It’s a new day in healthcare,” said Mary Alice Worrell; director, contact center services of St. John providence Health System. “Our contact center’s readmission reduction program, powered by EchoAccess, is a vital part of our standard of care.”
  • Learn how St. John Providence Health System reduced preventable readmissions.

Computer/Telephony Integration:

  • EchoAccess offers computer telephony integration (CTI) with CTI-ready telephone software. This technology reduces call times and results in more accurate data entry.
  • Seamlessly transfer calls to specific agents with the caller’s phone number and appropriate call classification.
  • EchoAccess will
    1. start the call,
    2. apply the call type (physician referral, class enrollment, health information, and so forth), and
    3. identify previous population records that match the calling phone number. This saves time for call center agents, shortens call length, and improves data accuracy.

Best Practice Content: Utilize a library of referral letters and reports, including caller letters, class configuration emails, and monthly operations reports.

HealthStream Benefits:

  • Includes HCAHPS score integration provided by HealthStream, a CMS-certified HCAHPS survey provider and Echo’s parent company. Patient satisfaction scores by provider is vital information for callers and patients when selecting a physician.
  • Provides the option of installed software, cloud deployment, or outsourced services for evenings, weekends, and peak call times.
  • Combines EchoAccess product expertise with patient experience consulting through the HealthStream Engagement Institute. The HealthStream Engagement Institute has coached over 350 healthcare organizations to create patient-centered cultures with measured increases in patient satisfaction, employee engagement, care quality, and profitability.
  • Clients can harness talent for patient experience journey mapping, enterprise contact center consolidation for integrated access, contact center operations, emerging technologies, and customer service certification.
  • Customer service certification assures your team has the skills and toolset they need to consistently deliver extraordinary patient experiences beginning at the first point of contact.
  • Echo, a HealthStream company, delivers healthcare’s only patient experience contact center software solution from a CMS-certified provider of HCAHPS surveys. HealthStream’s deep, nationwide experience provides unique insight into raising HCAHPS scores. Raising HCAHPS scores improves reimbursement.

Explore the timely benefits of redeploying your legacy call center to transform patient experiences. Exit the call center: Yesterday’s call centers managed transactions. Enter the patient experience contact center: Today’s patient experience contact center serves as the organization’s virtual front door. It delivers intentionally memorable experiences that mitigate risk, solidify loyalty, and reduce unnecessary readmissions. Compared to EchoAccess PX Hub, everything else is just a call center.

HealthStream Provider Solutions—comprised of Echo, a HealthStream® Company, and Morrisey®, a HealthStream Company—is dedicated to deploying process improvements, automation, and validated provider data to improve credentialing, privileging, enrollment, and patient experience contact centers for more than 3,000 hospitals and medical groups. Echo’s solution for hospital-based contact centers, EchoAccess, enables organizations to deliver intentionally memorable experiences that mitigate risk, solidify loyalty, and reduce unnecessary readmissions.