Messaging System Keeps Members Up to Date and Informed

By Mario Ochoa

Are you aware of the importance of flu shots? When was the last time your child had their annual wellness examination? Have they received their latest immunizations? While these questions and their answers may not have come to mind before, health industry leaders have stressed the significance of keeping their patients informed about these issues, including addressing any other healthcare needs. To do so, they have utilized state-of-the-art technology in combination with their progressive healthcare solutions.

Auto messaging, a pre-recorded messaging system that can be personalized and targeted to a specific population, is used by healthcare experts from companies, offering a team of registered nurses and advisors that provide consistent and professional consultations to its patients.

For medical call centers, methods such as auto messaging have been key in providing members from health plans like Medicaid unmatched industry knowledge and support. Highly personalized, cost-effective, and efficient, auto messaging has been identified by many professionals to be ideal for resourcefully communicating messages to a wide audience. According to Carenet’s Executive Vice President Vikie Spulak, “It is flexible in that our clients can record their own messages. As an example, the medical director of a health plan may want to deliver a personalized message to their one hundred thousand-plus members, welcoming them to their health plan.”

“The use of auto messaging often includes notifying members of pharmacy changes, such as a new generic drug that is currently on the market or reminding members to have their children’s immunizations kept up to date,” said Carenet President John Erwin. “Overall, it allows for more productive communication in that it conveniently and efficiently delivers messages that are important to the recipient.”

For both commercial and government-funded programs, ER utilization is also a major focus. Through auto messaging, they are able to create targeted campaigns to ER frequenters, informing them that there are other convenient resources, such as 24/7 nurse advice line or local urgent cares, available to help them with their healthcare needs. “It’s an additional resource for members who deserve to know their options in terms of healthcare consultation, ultimately saving them both time and money,” said Spulak.

Through its functionality, members can be kept up to date by trusted industry professionals quickly and efficiently. They can be informed of the benefits of the flu shot in preparation for the coming flu season. Parents can be kept current on the necessary vaccinations needed to be taken by their children as the new school year approaches.

Telemessaging has the capacity to enhance customer relationship management by keeping companies in touch with their customers on important matters. The personal, targeted messages offer an additional level of support. Traditionally deployed to provide after-hours customer contact for professionals, auto messaging can be utilized as another means for staying in touch with members in order to proactively educate and engage.

“Providing compassionate, knowledgeable, and affordable healthcare solutions is our mission,” said Erwin. “Auto messaging is just another means of allowing us to consistently help our members effectively manage and maintain better health.”

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[From the June/July 2010 issue of AnswerStat magazine]