Vendor Spotlight: LVM Systems Celebrates 30th Anniversary


LVM Systems continues to evolve within the dynamic healthcare industry. Now, thirty years since its inception, hundreds of call centers, thousands of users, and millions of calls have established LVM as a leading provider of healthcare call center software solutions. LVM’s Centaurus software is the industry’s product of choice.

This year, as LVM celebrates its thirtieth anniversary, it reflects on its humble beginnings in the garage of Les Mortensen. Then only one man with an idea, today LVM operates from its two-building complex in Mesa, AZ.

Over the years, LVM has added new products while implementing hundreds of changes and enhancements to its flagship Centaurus software in response to its clients’ needs. Through it all, LVM has stayed true to its mission: helping healthcare call centers help patients.

This year, LVM’s development focus turned to cyber-security. With the ever-increasing number of cyber-attacks on personal health information (PHI), heightened security became critical. Numerous enhancements in LVM’s 2018 release of Centaurus relate to strengthening security safeguards.

Here are a few of the security changes:

  • Protected key fields from viewing until clicking the field. When clicked, the field displays, and a log is written noting the user that viewed the information.
  • Included a site level default that defines the required minimum length of passwords, along with the number of upper and lower-case letters, numeric values, and special characters allowing clients to follow their internal standards.
  • Upgraded credential system to modern best practices.
  • Enabled user accounts can expire on a particular date, making the user unable to log in to Centaurus.
  • Added the ability to lock a user’s record when the user exceeds the allowed number of failed login attempts. A user with manager authorization can unlock their user record.
  • Upgraded handling of passwords to store previous password hashes to prevent re-use.

Other recent enhancements include:

  • Centaurus authorized users can now create custom screen views from a “clean slate” to include only the fields used, greatly simplifying the screen presentation.
  • A web-based chat product, set up on the client’s website, allows a patient to engage and start a chat with the contact center.
  • Profiles display dynamically as a user views them. This way, the user always sees the most current data.
  • A national provider ID field now appears on the physician search screen.

In addition, LVM has updated its iCentaurus program to allow call centers to provide to select organizations the ability to set-up and maintain their physician and class profiles from remote locations via the web. A set of client-defined rules directs how the profile data is stored within N-Centaurus. Now, physician office managers and class instructors can be responsible for keeping their respective physician and class profiles current.

Capitalizing on the improvements in cellular phones’ ability to send photos and videos via the internet, Centaurus now supports a patient sending a photo or video of the reason prompting their triage call to the call center triage nurse. Centaurus saves the photo or video to the patient’s file making it available for inclusion in the patient’s EHR or paper chart. This allows the call center triage nurse to use an otherwise missing critical tool of triage: visual assessment.

LVM’s Centaurus healthcare call center solutions offer advanced nurse triage functionality, along with a full array of physician referral, class and membership management, patient transfer, behavioral health intake, a co-morbidity care management program, and marketing and CRM capabilities. Centaurus is available installed on-site or run as SaaS hosted by LVM at one of its two data centers.

When reflecting upon how LVM has continued to grow throughout its 30-year history, three critical components come to mind: providing comprehensive, efficient software; using recognized, quality clinical content; and building positive relationships with clients across all company departments.

For more information or a demonstration of LVM’s call center solutions, please contact Carol Zeek, regional VP, sales at 480-633-8200 x279 or Leann Delaney, regional VP, sales at 480-633-8200 x286.

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Mark Dwyer is a 32-year veteran of the healthcare call center industry. He has been with LVM Systems since 2003.