LVM Vendor Spotlight


During the past year, LVM Systems, a leading developer of desktop and web enterprise action solutions, announced the availability of three new product offerings: LVM One Desktop, LVM One Web, and Personal Health Valet. These solutions address all inbound inquiries, outgoing communication, and coordination assistance. 

LVM One Desktop

Utilizing a user interface (UI) professional’s expertise, LVM developed LVM One Desktop. This solution was designed around the principle of “Efficiency through Elegance.” Based on the Golden Ratio of 16:10, LVM One Desktop benefits from reducing contrast, strengthening focus points, and maximizing working memory.

LVM One Desktop’s simplified workflow improves call times by streamlining data entry. It also utilizes Microsoft’s newest recommended icons and fonts in conjunction with the following key features:

  • The ability for multiple transactions and modules to be open simultaneously.
  • A floating follow-up queue that is displayable on a second monitor.
  • Call templates to filter data by marketing campaign, disaster, or pandemic.

LVM One Web Solution

The LVM One Web solution is a lightweight, secure, and convenient way to handle contact center needs using unique workflows customized to meet your contact center’s most common activities. This solution:

  • Is accessible on a secure internet connection via a web browser, enabling the contact center representative to field requests for class registration, physician referral and appointment, triage, health information, and hospital transfer. 
  • Enables contact center representatives to monitor their active calls and follow-up queues, send direct messages to each other, pull system reports, and run “discoveries” on useful contact center information.

As additional solutions, LVM offers the following add-ons to either software: 

  • Chat, or bi-directional text* with consumers, patients, or providers for class registrations, physician referrals, triage, health information, service referrals, or respond to a question or other request.
  • Self-service portal access (WebLink+) for patients to class registrations, physician referrals, triage, health information, service referrals, or respond to a question or other request.
  • Enterprise access for non-contact center staff to view and manage select information such as class builds and rosters or physician files, or to run specified reports.

* Bi-directional text is only available with LVM One Web.

Personal Health Valet 

Personal Health Valet is a unique platform that allows hospitals to tailor automated campaigns to guide patients for optimized care. Personal Health Valet addresses strategic goals by creating a smart, trusted conversation channel for the patient and family circles. It fills communication gaps created by disparate hospital systems and manual processes by delivering an intelligent and fully automated platform for communicating with patients, spouses, and key employees in real-time.

Personal Health Valet also addresses the myriad of communication gaps that exist when patients leave the health system’s walls. This platform can seamlessly integrate asynchronous (technology-driven) and synchronous (staff-driven) conversations to expand the opportunity for success. 

Personal Health Valet can augment existing predictive technologies and processes with an actionable platform to target and help manage high-risk patient groups. Personal Health Valet:

  • Provides complete “Predictive Models” with actionable workflows. 
  • Creates intelligent post-discharge communication. 
  • Promotes patient compliance: meds, rehab, etc. 
  • Automates communication based on patient condition.
  • Reduces re-admits. 
  • Expands existing care management through technology.
  • Engages in bi-directional communication to keep managers in synch with target patients with CHF, pneumonia, joint replacement, and others.
  • Tracks whether patients have scheduled in-network specialty care visits ordered by primary care doctors.

In addition, Personal Health Valet identifies patients who have been to the ED more than once within the last twelve months for non-emergent conditions and sends them an automated message to alert them about the primary care or urgent care clinics closest to their zip code. It can redirect non-emergent cases from ER to Urgent Care Centers and decrease system leakage.


For over thirty years, LVM’s solutions have supported nurse triage, disease management, behavioral health intake, patient transfer, and referral/marketing services. The company’s cornerstones are comprehensive software, outstanding customer support, and proven clinical content supported by Drs. Barton Schmitt and David Thompson. 

The LVM team also provides custom web development, implementation services, on-site or remote training, phone and remote-access support, network consultation, free educational webinars, customization of screens, and custom reports. 

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For more information, contact LVM Systems at 480-427-3186.