Vendor Spotlight: Contact Center Solutions From HealthLine Systems

HealthLine Systems delivers flexible software systems, addressing contact centers, physician databases, credentialing, and quality management. HealthLine Systems, Inc. is a leader in the healthcare industry. They have a twenty-five year record of client results from software and consulting solutions for over 1,000 healthcare organizations throughout North America. As they celebrate their silver anniversary, they recognize the support of their clients and the healthcare call center industry.

Industry Leadership

  • Provided commercially available referral software system in 1986
  • Provided Windows-based contact center system in 1995
  • Provided browser-based contact center system in 2005
  • Provided the industry with data integration and the master provider database in 2006
  • EchoAccess made available as software as a service (SaaS) in 2007

Functionality for Contact Center Needs

  • Reduce call processing time: HealthLine software offers an intuitive call processing interface and rapid access to call handling controls. One client reduced their call processing time 51 seconds per call, saving more than 1.5 FTEs over five years.
  • Integrate Website with call center: HealthLine delivers 24/7 availability of self-service transaction tools, including website shopping cart, physician directory, class and event registration, surveys, and integrated results reporting.
  • Document results with ease: The results reporter function provides one-click reports and integrated “data wizard” links to Microsoft Excel for fast reports with graphics.
  • Automatically generate reports: Automatically email delivery of recurring reports and immediate access to frequently used reports and frequently generated reports on a “work list” for rapid results.
  • Decrease IT resource requirements: Server-based processing reduces IT support requirements; there is no workstation to install, and maintenance is decreased. SaaS or a hosted solution is also available.
  • Generate tailored cross-sell prompts: Silent selling points create tailored prompts for resources and services that are appropriate to the caller.
  • Efficient call follow-up system: Call back prioritizes and schedules calls; multiple team members can utilize the same call back queue.
  • Activate online credit card processing: Securely transact online credit card purchases using the Payflo Link™ credit card processing solution.
  • Support remote agents: A browser-based interface is ideal for supporting remote agents.
  • Save valuable staff time: “Message of the day” provides consistent, instant internal updates and increases efficiency.
  • Physician-to-physician referral: Refer patients of regional physicians to specialists and facilitate transfers.
  • Access comprehensive health library: Provide information on over 2,200 medical topics and 5,000 medications.
  • Triage: Provide symptom-based adult and pediatric nurse triage using proven clinical guideline protocols from the Cleveland Clinic, available only from HealthLine Systems.
  • Outbound telemarketing: Coordinate and automate outbound connections and direct mail with messages targeted to customer groups and individuals.
  • Physician liaison solution: A customizable physician liaison tool manages contacts, monitors progress, and documents return on investment.


  • Reduce costs for on-site agents: Enable work from home or from a central site.
  • Improve service: Provide website physician directory, self-serve physician referral and class registration, and interactive e-commerce.
  • Improve productivity with “one- click” quick reports, role-based user screens, and access to demographic information across the enterprise.
  • Drive revenue to priority clinical services; document ROI.
  • Reduce cost of redundant systems: Integrate physician information from contact center, website, and medical staff office.

Your Partner for Success:

Hosted Solutions: EchoAccess combines all of the functionality of HealthLine Systems’ software with hosting services. EchoAccess provides clients with a combination of best-in-class software and hardware. It offers the opportunity to utilize services during harsh economic times when capital budget funding is difficult to obtain. EchoAccess is hosted in a secure facility that is staffed 24/7 with backup capabilities that provides several weeks worth of emergency power. The facility provides significant advantages in Internet peering with multiple Internet providers to improve bandwidth performance. At the same time, the facility ensures there are redundant carriers to reduce potential failure. The software is installed on the enterprise-class Hewlett Packard C class blade systems. These servers provide a fully redundant infrastructure, storage area network-based storage, and updated networking equipment. A hosted solution decreases capital investment for hardware and reduces IT requests for backup, maintenance, and upgrades. EchoAccess is scalable and customized to meet client needs, while also providing the lowest cost for value.

Cleveland Clinic Clinical Guideline Protocols

  • Symptom-based clinical triage
  • After hours triage
  • Demand management triage

Clinical guideline protocols developed by the clinicians from Cleveland Clinic are used and endorsed by healthcare organizations nationwide. Since 1991, Cleveland Clinic’s Nurse On Call has grown to provide coverage for over 300 Cleveland Clinic physicians, representing 15 family health centers and managing nearly 300,000 clinical calls annually. Over 40% of Nurse on Call RNs currently hold specialty certification. Nurse On Call is the recipient of the prestigious Corrine Hofstetter Ambulatory Nursing Unit Excellence Award.

Excellence in Client Services and Support: HealthLine Systems works with clients to produce results. Their team of implementation, training, and client services representatives is available via toll-free telephone support, email, or through their online resource library.

Webinars: HealthLine Systems’ webinars are free 60-90 minute learning forums that include topics selected by clients with interactive dialogue. They are held via the Internet, allowing multiple individuals to participate without travel expense. The only requirements are an Internet connection, GoToWebinar software (a quick, free download), and a telephone or speakerphone. All sessions are recorded and can be viewed at any time.

Tutorials On-DemandHealthLine has an extensive library of Web-based computertutorials for staff education and training. Each session covers an area of functionality, making these tutorials ideal for new employees or as a refresher for existing staff.

Master Provider Data Base – A Single Source of Truth: HealthLine Systems solutions integrate provider data from multiple systems into a single source. The software supports the call center, credentialing, and quality management activities. A master provider database allows clients’ organizations to improve efficiency, data accuracy, and provider satisfaction.

Why Select HealthLine Systems’ Contact Center Solutions? HealthLine Systems has a twenty-five year record of helping clients achieve results. Very simply, “Our passion is to help you achieve the results that are important to you. Uncommon Results. Yours.”

For more information about HealthLine Systems’ contact center solutions and how they can help you achieve your desired outcomes, please call 800-733-8737 or email via Contact Center Solutions From HealthLine Systems.

[From the December 2010/January 2011 issue of AnswerStat magazine]