Workfit Ergonomic Workstations For Call Centers “Take A Stand”

The new WorkFit C-Mod Workstation, a sit-or-stand mobile computer workstation that enables employees in medical contact centers to move from seated to standing and back to a seated position whenever they wish, has been introduced by Ergotron.  The benefit for call center employees is reduced back strain, increased productivity, and the chance to burn more calories while enjoying healthier, more productive computing, and telephone interactions.

The WorkFit workstation helps call center staff achieve the sit or stand movement their bodies naturally crave, while relieving the strain and fatigue commonly associated with call center computing.  WorkFit delivers a small footprint, mobile office platform which can be rolled to “point-of-work” and adapted for temporary employees and seasonal increases in call center staffing.  Designed by Ergotron, a manufacturer of digital display mounting and mobility products, the WorkFit workstation offers one-touch adjustment of the negative-tilt keyboard and LCD monitor.  With 25 inches of height adjustability, WorkFit allows call center employees to lift LCD screens or laptops to match their body’s position while they sit or stand, providing ergonomic comfort.  Just as importantly, WorkFit’s independent adjustment and negative tilt keyboard ensure optimum elbow and wrist placement to avoid repetitive stress injury.