Vocantas US Operations Meets Demand for Patient Monitoring

Vocantas president and CEO Gary Hannah announced the appointment of Catherine Blum as director of customer relations.  Blum joins head of US operations Roger Shindell in bringing the CallAssure service to home health care agencies, where improved patient safety is always a priority.

“There is a great opportunity for home health care agencies to improve the way they communicate with their patients,” said Shindell.  “And improved communications can lead to a more efficient use of time, money, and resources.”  Vocantas uses computer telephony and speech technologies to automate routine telephone communications with interactive voice response (IVR) solutions.  This increased communication improves patient clinical outcomes and increases compliance.

“Patients appreciate the direct link to their healthcare provider,” said Blum.  “All they have to do is pick up the phone; then they can get on with enjoying their day.  The check-up call gives patients an extra boost of assurance, and reinforces the messages that they receive from their health care providers.”