Updated miSecureMessages and New Directory Modifier from 1Call

Amtelco’s 1Call Division announced that updated miSecureMessages secure communications apps for Android, Apple, and BlackBerry devices are now available. These updates streamline the user interface, offering more convenient features and providing access to more device settings. New enhancements include:

Contact Circles: Organize contacts into categories, such as departments or physician groups. This speeds the process of quickly contacting the correct people.

Group Messaging: Users can send messages to multiple individuals simultaneously, including a contact circle. Individual recipients can be added or removed from the list.

Custom Alerts: Users can choose from a variety of sound options, including “silent.”

Notification Interval: Users can set the length of time between notification alerts. For example, users can set long notification intervals when in meetings and shorter intervals when done.

Amtelco’s vice president of research and development, Kevin Beale stated, “Our development team continues to focus on the usability of the miSecureMessages apps, continually adding features. These app enhancements prioritize critical settings, minimizing the interaction time, and allowing them to get back to their other priorities while miSecureMessages alerts them when needed.”

In other news, the 1Call Division of Amtelco announced the introduction of the Infinity Intelligent Series (IS) directory modifier utility. It is designed to reduce labor costs when making mass changes to information contained in an IS directory.

The IS directory modifier offers time savings for organizations by automating changes that affect every listing in a directory. The IS directory modifier can be used to make one-time changes to a directory, or the settings can be saved and scheduled to perform modifications on a regular basis. This is ideal for adjusting data imported into a directory using the Infinity IS transformer utility.

Directory modifications can be scheduled on an hourly, daily, weekly, or on a monthly basis, at specific dates and times. This makes it possible to configure the IS directory modifier and then have it run automatically at a convenient time.

Amtelco president Tom Curtin said, “This is an impressive time-saving management tool for our healthcare organizations, allowing them to globally alter the newest features of the directory, automatically.”

For information, contact 1Call at 800-225-6035 or info@1call.com.