TriageLogic’s Call Center Software Integrates with Salesforce


TriageLogic announced two-way integration of TriageLogic Call Center Software and Salesforce Service Cloud. This integration allows nurses using the systems to work seamlessly between their Salesforce cloud to manage patients and the call center software to triage patient phone calls. Traditionally, triage software has been a freestanding component used in conjunction with other call-center platforms.

This integration was accomplished using TriageLogic’s Web-based API (application programming interface), allowing the integration of new components within existing applications. Now “hospitals and other healthcare organizations can use their existing electronic systems or platforms and simply embed triage protocols within TriageLogic’s API triage module,” said Ravi K. Raheja, MD, medical director of Triage Logic.

After selecting Salesforce as their basic platform for encounter management, a large healthcare organization still needed triage protocols for their clinical nurse triage component. They choose TriageLogic since the integration allowed hospital to easily access clinical protocols directly within the Salesforce platform, assess the patient’s symptoms, and save the triage notes directly to the Salesforce database.


Charu Raheja, PhD and CEO of TriageLogic, said, “We are committed to innovative technology solutions that improve patient care and work-flow efficiency.”