TriageLogic Releases 2015 Pediatric Office Hours Protocol Update

TriageLogic updated MyTriageChecklist™, which incorporates Barton-Schmitt Pediatric Office-Hours Telephone Triage Protocols. This update adds fifty new protocols to ensure comprehensive symptom coverage and standard of care for any office that handles patient phone calls. The new protocols include a wide variety of symptoms associated with issues such as anxiety, ear piercing, and the Ebola protocols, which were originally released during the outbreak of 2014. Clients who use MyTriageChecklist always have easy access to updated triage protocols in an electronic format that can be used with any other electronic medical system.

A service provided to all MyTriageChecklist clients is comprehensive training and access to an experienced triage nurse. All clients have the option to attend free weekly training sessions, where a registered nurse with triage experience explains how to use the software, as well as answers questions. As practices hire new nurses, they can attend these sessions, learn how to triage safely in a clinical setting, and apply the content to their practice. This is supplemented by their free telephone triage online learning center, which has comprehensive material for both new and experienced triage nurses.

“At TriageLogic, we believe providing the standard of care in all aspects of a practice is of the utmost priority. With the proper protocols and training available, nurses can make good decisions when they are on the phone,” says Dr. Ravi Raheja, MD and medical director of TriageLogic™.

“Clients appreciate our training because it helps them to learn how to use the protocols and implement them in their offices. New nurses coming on at client practices can also sit in on trainings, so it alleviates the provider of extra training responsibilities,” adds Rose Moon, RN and Staff trainer for TriageLogic.