TriageLogic Announces the New Telephone Triage Nurse Certification

TriageLogic released the new version of its online learning center, which tracks material learned, exams, and telephone triage nurse certification courses. This material for certification can be used to train telephone triage nurses. Courses will be broken down into lessons and supplemental materials with a progress meter for easy tracking.

With this new capability, nurses can track their own progress and managers can track the progress of their entire nursing team. “I am excited to use the online learning center in our telephone nurse training, ” said Marci Lawing, RN and nurse manager at TriageLogic, “It will add great value to our current training process and to our software for clients.”

To set up the virtual classroom, the manager fills out the contact form on the TriageLogic website and sends a list of nurse email addresses to be added to the database. Next, a username and password will be sent to each nurse and the manager. Then they can log in begin training right away.

TriageLogic is committed to learning and expanding the field of nurse triage. “We are excited to share our expertise with the telephone triage community and to continue improving patient care nationwide,” said Ravi Raheja, MD and medical director of TriageLogic.