TriageLogic Launches Online Learning Center


TriageLogic, a provider of triage solutions, launched an online learning center. This new resource provides free educational material for telephone triage nurses and features a variety of learning material including videos, articles, research, and links to external sources. The courses provide a thorough understanding on nurse triage and triage protocols.

Charu Raheja, PhD and CEO of TriageLogic said, “We are committed to leading the nurse triage industry to the highest level of patient care. Our recent URAC accreditation and now the development of Triage Learning Center highlights our leadership and expertise.”

These resources address the criteria and skills needed to be an effective triage nurse. While a successful triage nurse requires practical nursing experience, they will also need to know how to listen effectively, handle difficult situations, assess symptoms, and apply the proper protocol, all in a timely manner. Pre-tests and post-tests are included in the videos, allowing the viewer to test his/her knowledge. Some of the aspects covered in the material are:

  • Communicating with difficult callers
  • Situations with Abuse/Neglect
  • Selecting the appropriate protocol
  • Case Studies in Nurse Triage
  • Return on Investment from Nurse Triage

Ravi Raheja, MD Medical Director and COO of TriageLogic said, “We are excited about Triage Learning Center because it is a great resource for anyone involved with patient phone calls. As a physician, I know the challenges of telephone triage. Even experienced nurses can benefit from our learning material.”


Pediatrician Ravi Raheja, MD and Charu Raheja, PhD are the creators of the courses. As an award-winning professor, Charu Raheja is knowledgeable in effective teaching. Ravi Raheja’s experience as a pediatrician provides him with a deep understanding of efficient telephone triage. Combining both medical and educational expertise, Ravi and Charu Raheja designed these courses for current and potential telephone triage nurses.