TriageLogic Implements Ebola Telephone Triage Protocols

TriageLogic announced that Ebola telephone triage protocols are available for Nurse Triage on Call, Call Center Solution Software, and myTriageChecklist clients. Any time there is a widespread health concern; telephone nurses are at the front line, properly assessing patients, as well as providing education and reassurance.

Many symptoms of Ebola are difficult to differentiate from common viral illnesses. However, with standardized protocols, nurses can make informed decisions and assist patients confidently while documenting the phone call. “The Ebola situation highlights the need for all primary care offices and call centers to have access to the Schmitt Thompson protocols and a partner to keep them updated and informed.” said Ravi Raheja, MD, Medical Director of TriageLogic.

Anticipating increased patient call volume due to the recent Ebola cases, triage protocol authors, Dr. Barton Schmitt and Dr. David Thompson developed guidelines to triage patients with symptoms or concerns. TriageLogic quickly implemented these guidelines into all of their service lines.

“Clients are amazed that we have Ebola protocols available so quickly to help them address patient concerns,” said Rose Moon, RN, clinical education trainer and IT support manager for TriageLogic.