TriageLogic Announces Secure Texting Module

TriageLogic’s new software module for call centers allows nurse triage centers to send secure, encrypted, and HIPAA compliant text messages to their oncall providers. The oncall provider receives the encrypted message and is able to decrypt it securely and see the entire message. This allows providers to call patients back by clicking on the phone number on the screen. This module saves physicians the need to return the call to the nurse triage to get the patient’s information, saving time.

An important feature of the system is that it does not require the provider to download an app or have any special software on their phone. According to Dr. Ravi Raheja, founder and CEO of TriageLogic, “The system works with any smartphone and can also be accessed securely via email if they choose. During the entire process, patient information never gets sent over the public cell phone networks and only the provider can decrypt the message. Therefore the system is completely secure and HIPAA-compliant.”

“Any patient information that goes through the cell phone networks such as Verizon or ATT is not HIPAA-compliant nor is it secure,” added Dr. Charu Raheja, chair of TriageLogic.