TriageLogic Announces iPad App

TriageLogic announced an app to allow nurses to carry out triage on their iPad. Using the iPad speeds the triage process because navigation is easier and protocols load faster. Due to their portability and ease-of-use, iPads provide the ability to work remotely and flexibility that many call centers are now offering their nurses.

TriageLogic is also providing cost savings, due to the ease and flexibility of maintaining and updating an iPad, while allowing nurses to work from home or at the call center. The significantly lower price of an iPad compared with the price of a computer is another advantage. From a business/managerial standpoint, there are numerous advantages, including the ability to monitor staff remotely at any time.

According to Ravi Raheja, TriageLogic CEO, “We are excited about this new iPad application and we believe that it is going to improve the efficiency of the call centers that use our TriageLogic call center solution.”

Charu Raheja, TriageLogic Chair adds, “TriageLogic software is an important tool for taking patient calls because it provides nurses with a checklist to ensure the highest quality of patient care.”