TriageLogic Announces Integration Module to Connect with any EHR System

TriageLogic announced a module for its call center software that allows call centers to integrate with electronic health records (EHR) of each practice that they serve. The module is a secure, HIPAA-compliant, real time, two-way communication between the call center software and multiple client systems. This allows call centers to bypass the manual steps of faxing the encounter, scanning, and attaching it to the patient record. It also makes the information available to providers in real time.

Another feature provides triage nurses with a review of each patient’s medical summary in a standardized format. According to Dr. Ravi Raheja, MD, CEO, and director of sales of TriageLogic Group, “Medical providers understand that being able to see patients’ history is going to have huge implications in triaging chronically ill patients and patients recently discharged from hospitals.”

TriageLogic has already setup the integration module in one of its large client centers and is installing several more. The integration module can also be expanded to connect labs, radiology, urgent cares, and hospitals to create a full health information exchange in the community.