The Telephone Triage Handbook

The TriageLogic group released their new e-book, The Telephone Triage Handbook: A Convenient Guide for Providers, written by Charu G. Raheja, PhD.

This book shares telemedicine innovations, relevant data and benefits of telephone nurse triage, and insights from a pool of expert leadership at the TriageLogic Group, which has taken over one million telephone triage calls in the last ten years. Call center managers and providers will learn what nurse triage is, how it works, and understand how to best utilize nurse triage in individual practices and call centers. The book provides many practical action steps for healthcare professionals including: How to evaluate your call center platform; how to select the best nurse triage system; how to use telephone nurse triage to improve patient satisfaction; and how to reduce cost while providing the highest-level patient care.

The handbook is available in the Amazon and Kindle stores for a minimal cost of $0.99, and is available for free PDF download from “I am very excited about this e-book as I think it provides a high quality resource to providers and managers,” says Ravi Raheja, MD and medical director of TriageLogic, LLC, “This is an easy to read, practical guide for setting up a telephone triage resource.”

The Telephone Triage Handbook is the first of several e-books from TriageLogic. “Education is an important goal of our company. We are using my background in teaching and finance along with the wealth of knowledge from our physicians and nurses to write books and blogs to help advance the field of telephone triage,” says Charu G. Raheja.