Telemed Introduces Mobile App for Messaging Convergence

Telemed Inc. introduced a mobile app with HIPAA compliant medical messaging convergence. Users can manage important medical messages with no HIPAA issues through the secure MyTeleMed app for iOS devices. The app notifies practitioners of patient requests, manages messages, and documents each step. The MyTeleMed service operators can contact users by email, text, or phone in the manner prescribed.

The MyTeleMed website and call center can help users build escalation procedures if a callback is not made within a pre-set time. Callbacks are documented with the time and duration of the call and provide an option to record the call.

A majority of HIPAA fines come from lost or stolen mobile devices with Personal Health Information (PHI) resident on the device. The MyTelemed mobile app solves that problem because the messages are stored on a secure server, not resident on the mobile device. This protects PHI and maintains HIPAA compliance.

The app is available from the Apple App Store for devices running iOS 4.0 or later; an Android app is planned.