Startel Now Employee-Owned

William Lane, CEO and president of Startel Corporation, announced that Bill Robertshaw has sold the company, which will be an employee-owned entity backed by private investor, Brian W. Stewart. Bill Lane and the Startel team will remain in place and the day-to-day operations of the company will not be effected.

“It was in the best interest of Startel Corporation, its employees and especially its customers to sell the company at this time. Bill Lane has done a superb job of leading Startel out of its post Comverse years and I am confident that Startel, with the support of Mr. Stewart, will be able to progress to the next phase in its corporate evolution,” said Robertshaw.

“Mr. Robertshaw, a financial genius, was the perfect advisor for the season of Startel where he helped guide us in focusing on becoming an ever more profitable company. He has always had the best interest of Startel and its customers at heart and selling the company is no exception,” said Lane.
Brian Stewart is a serial entrepreneur and has founded and built over 18 start-up businesses during his career.

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