Startel and Parlance Announce Systems Integration

Startel and Parlance to Provide Contact Center Services to Healthcare Organizations

Startel Corporation, a provider of unified communications for healthcare systems, announced a partnership with Parlance Corporation, a provider of natural language call routing solutions for healthcare facilities.

As part of the partnership Startel and Parlance have integrated Parlance Operator Assistant™ with Startel’s Contact Management Center. Together, Startel and Parlance can now deliver comprehensive call automation, unified communications, business process automation, and performance management solutions to the healthcare marketplace. The partnership will offer healthcare organizations a powerful portfolio of communications tools to improve the caller experience for public callers and patients, streamline internal communications for medical staff, employees, and hospitalists, and create operational efficiencies that help reduce costs.

Capabilities of the new joint solution include call handling that mimics a live operator and allows callers to make natural language requests, code alerting, and dispatching that enables doctors and staff to manage code responses more quickly and efficiently, as well as on-call scheduling to provide agents with up-to-date schedule information. The solution also includes appointment scheduling and reminders that help ensure successful appointments, secure messaging, and encrypted email for protected sharing of PHI.

The companies will also leverage their inclusive customer service and support philosophy to ensure ongoing performance and reliability for joint solutions, resulting in less time and effort spent by customers on managing and maintaining contact center applications.

“The partnership with Parlance allows us to bring call handling capabilities to the contact center that guarantee results,” said Bill Lane, president and CEO of Startel. “Combined with their reputation for excellent customer service, Parlance is an important piece of the puzzle that will allow us to together set a new benchmark for contact center performance and reliability.”

“We’re enthusiastic about working with a partner that has such a great track record of improving healthcare communications and patient satisfaction while reducing costs,” said Joseph Maxwell, president and CEO of Parlance Corporation. “We look forward to working with Startel to help healthcare contact centers expand their value while providing a great caller experience that positively reflects the healthcare provider’s brand.”