Self Care Decisions Releases Pediatric SymptomMD

Self Care Decisions released Pediatric SymptomMD, an iPhone/iPod touch application, designed to answer parent’s questions regarding children’s symptoms.  The pediatric care guides are developed by Barton Schmitt, MD, FAAP a practicing pediatrician and professor of Pediatrics at Denver Children’s Hospital.  Schmitt is the author of the clinical protocols published and distributed by the American Academy of Pediatrics and used by 10,000 physician practices and 400 nurse call lines, used on 150 million symptom calls.

“Pediatricians and parents alike want to provide a speedy recovery, whether that means home remedies or a trip to their doctor’s office,” Dr. Schmitt explained.

Parents can navigate three quick steps to:

  • Identify their child’s symptoms
  • Decide if they need to Call 911, go to the emergency department, call their doctor, or manage the symptoms at home
  • Access self-care instructions for symptom relief, if appropriate.

With the iPhone application, parents can immediately connect with 911, their child’s physician, or locate the closest emergency or urgent care facility.

Pediatric SymptomMD is available through iTunes App Store for $1.99.  The full age range product, SymptomMD, is $2.99.