Scripted Call Navigation Saves Time and Reduces Errors

1Call customers are realizing benefits when they take advantage of scripting calls.  In addition to saving 40% of staff time, reducing training time by 70%, and eliminating errors, 1Call’s scripted call navigation guides operators through each call, helping them gather the information needed and keeping customers happy.  The navigation features include:

  • Spell check
  • Zip code look-up
  • Credit card formatting
  • Valid email verification
  • On-call and departmental schedules
  • Contact methods based on time of day and day of the week
  • Free-form palettes
  • Web integration
  • Data security tools
  • Simplified set up and a customizable online script library

Many call types can benefit from 1Call’s scripted call navigation, including EMR integration, code calls, patient-to-physician referral, physician-to-physician consults, appointment scheduling, physician answering service, pre-admit registration, in-hospital patient surveys, post-stay survey follow-up, and patient placement.

Amtelco President Tom Curtin stated, “Customers will exponentially benefit as they bring Navigation Scripts into departments throughout the hospital.  Following protocol has never been so simple.”

In related news, 1Call’s Fourth Annual Leadership Conference and Training Seminar was held on September 28-30, 2010, in Madison Wisconsin.  The sessions featured a number of 1Call customer speakers, including Natalie Klaus, Alicia Bolding, and Andrea Romine, as well as presentations by Amtelco personnel.

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