Roger Shindell & Carole LaPorte Join Vocantas

Vocantas Inc. President and CEO Gary Hannah announced the appointment of Roger Shindell as president of the company’s U.S. operation, Vocantas Ltd.  Shindell will focus initially on addressing the high demand for remote care delivery in home healthcare agencies where Vocantas’ technologies can offer a great deal of relief.  “With senior populations exploding, home healthcare agencies are now facing a tipping point,” said Shindell.  “I am very excited for the opportunity to bring Vocantas’ technology to this market.”

In related news, Carole LaPorte joined Vocantas in the role of marketing communications specialist.  With six years of experience, she will execute outbound marketing strategies to meet the demand for interactive voice response systems (IVRS) while cultivating new partnership opportunities.  She will also support Vocantas in the delivery of its speech technology solutions to optimize communications for utilities, emergency management, and customer service markets.