RelayHealth Tools Offer Value During H1N1 Flu Outbreak

RelayHealth is helping healthcare providers cope with the recent outbreak of  H1N1 flu and is aiding the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), monitoring of influenza antiviral prescribing activity nationwide via an authorized prescription data feed.  “Our hope is that the H1N1 threat continues to moderate,” said Jim Bodenbender, RelayHealth’s senior vice president and general manager.  “But whatever the threat level, our secure online interactive tools are available to assist physicians enrolled on the RelayHealth network to keep their patients informed of the latest credible health information at any time.”

Physicians are using RelayHealth’s HIPAA-compliant interactive service to broadcast messages securely over the Internet to their patients about the symptoms of H1N1 influenza and what to do if they think they have the disease.  RelayHealth has also made available H1N1 flu educational content on its network, which doctors can transmit to their patients.  In addition, a new webVisit® questionnaire is available for patients to complete online, enabling their doctors to conduct quick assessments of flu-like symptoms.

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