NAEO Holds Successful Intelligent Series Seminar

From August 6-8, 2012, NAEO held an intensive hands-on training seminar on Intelligent Series (IS) programming in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This sold out event was sponsored by Amtelco and led by Education Committee Chair, Gerald R. Brosseau, II, IS Training Committee Chair, Theran Mossholder, Jake Phillips, Pat Dye, and Susan Kirkpatrick of Amtelco. Attendees included NAEO members and non-members, operating hospital switchboards, commercial and medical answering services, and contact centers.

The seminar focused on transitioning to IS, including building template accounts, flow chart scripts, programming info pages, shared fields, and message scripting to more advanced features such as website integration, advanced expression builder, IS directories, and contact dispatch.

“I really enjoyed this seminar. Each presenter passed on workable knowledge, clearly and in a concise manner,” said Pam D’Ambrosio-Denson, manager, North American Call Center. “[It] opened my eyes to techniques that will directly benefit NACC and what I enjoyed more than anything is passing down my knowledge to those who are new to IS environment. The hands-on exercises and one-to-one assistance created an open and less intimidating environment. Maybe it was the combined personalities of all the presenters, but the atmosphere was kind, relaxed, and engaging.”