1Call Introduces MergeComm

Amtelco’s 1Call Division presents MergeComm, an event notification software system designed specifically to merge and expedite enterprise-wide communications in healthcare environments. MergeComm increases safety and improves efficiency by first capturing requests from hospital systems, such as ADT messages, NurseCall messages, alerts, alarms, orders, and emails. Notifications are then instantly sent to the designated recipients via 1Call’s miSecureMessages HIPAA-compliant encrypted messaging Apps, Vocera badges, and IP phones from Cisco and Spectralink, as well as SMS, email, and pagers.

With MergeComm, notifications can be sent to an individual, group, or use on-call schedules. The process is automated, so the correct recipients receive the correct message at the correct time, and can respond quickly, helping organizations provide better patient care. Statistics are accumulated for each notification, providing an easy-to-follow audit trail and assisting organizations with refining their communication processes.

Amtelco vice president, R&D software, Kevin Beale stated, “Amtelco is committed to helping healthcare organizations increase efficiency and eliminate errors by automating the process of alerting the proper parties with the use of HL7 and other data streams. Mergecomm is Amtelco’s newest product to support healthcare organizations in their efforts to become more customer centric.”

In other news, the 1Call Division of Amtelco announced that miSecureMessages offers “out of the box” functionality on Android™ wearable devices. The Android wearable devices, currently available as smartwatches, are designed to give users faster access to important information, such as notifications from miSecureMessages. The miSecureMessages user receives a notification on their Android wearable device, indicating they have a message, and who sent the message.

MiSecureMessages provides HIPAA compliant secure text messaging, keeping PHI secure, and speeding response times. MiSecureMessages Apps are available for Android and Apple® devices.

Amtelco President Tom Curtin stated, “The integration with Android wearable devices provides yet another awesome opportunity for miSecureMessages users, offering more convenience to help them stay connected. We will continue to focus on ensuring miSecureMessages offers the usability and convenience our customers need, while also maintaining secure PHI.”