LVM Systems Announces Poly Plan Health Coaching Program


LVM Systems has developed the Poly Plan – Health Coaching program to enable RN care coordinators to manage the health of multi-morbidity patients. Poly Plan helps identify the appropriate surveys to complete with the patient, the information to send, the health statistics to gather, and the goals to set – all within one call.

There are two primary plan frequencies: The comprehensive plan is designed to follow-up with the patient on a less frequent basis, such as quarterly. The high frequency plan involves contacting the patient weekly or monthly. Based on updated standards of care, care coordinators use surveys to gather data on the HEDIS and disease-specific medical care standards, as recommended by the corresponding accrediting organizations and authorities. The system also includes the Zung Depression survey and Diabetes Distress Screening (DDS17).

Once the appropriate data is gathered, the care coordinator accesses Poly Plan’s Health Information library as needed. This information is shared with the patient using email, text, or paper.

Key reporting tools assist with patient assessment and streamlined call processing. The at-a-glance report gives care coordinators a quick way to view the patient’s health history, lab values, appointments, and goals. Supporting the at-a-glance report is the adherence score card report to alert care coordinators to any behaviors that need to be addressed during the contact. Key components of Poly Plan include tools for patient engagement, self-management, patient goals, behavior change, improved outcomes, and reporting.

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LVM Systems’ Poly Plan – Health Coaching program provides the infrastructure to effectively improve care, education, and behavior modification. The result is a program that can provide healthier outcomes for patients, increase customer loyalty, and positively affect an organization’s bottom line.

For more information email Heather Jacobs or call 480-633-8200 x333.