LVM Releases Centaurus on .Net Platform


LVM Systems released its Centaurus software on Microsoft’s .Net platform, gives LVM customers a choice on how they want their Centaurus software to function. “We believe Centaurus is already the top healthcare call center software solution in the industry,” said LVM Systems’ vice president of .Net applications Jake Johnson.  “Adding the .Net platform gives LVM Systems and our customers access to the latest technologies.”

The move to the .Net platform was three years in the making.  It also represents a significant investment in staffing and resources.  “We listened to our customers and other call center managers,” said Les Mortensen, LVM Systems’ president and chief information officer.  “They said they wanted a .Net option.  We made that happen.”

LVM Systems’ Centaurus software is a customizable solution for healthcare call centers.  Centaurus was first developed in 1988 and has evolved to meet the changing needs of the healthcare call center industry.

Although it is anticipated that the .Net version of Centaurus will become the primary choice among new customers, LVM Systems will continue to provide support to those customers with the original version.  Customers have the option of which platform they want Centaurus to run on.

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