LVM Launches VoiceBlast, Offers Free Trial


LVM Systems released VoiceBlast, an add-on product available for all versions of its Centaurus healthcare call center software.  VoiceBlast gives call centers the ability to place, trigger, and send an automated call to a given population.  “One way VoiceBlast can be used is for class reminders, cancellations, or last-minute message that needs to be relayed to the class registrants,” said Richard Cowley, VP of Web/telecom applications at LVM.  Users can “schedule when the message will be sent and who should receive the message for any given class.”

LVM clients interested in linking VoiceBlast to their existing Centaurus systems can work with the LVM support team or their client advocate to ensure they have everything needed to properly implement VoiceBlast.  To give Centaurus users the opportunity to take VoiceBlast on a “test drive,” LVM is allowing clients to use it free through December 31, 2011.

“VoiceBast is an exciting new product for us and we are certain that it will make our clients more productive,” said Les Mortensen, LVM Systems’ president and CEO.  “Providing it for free for nearly a year is just a small way of saying ‘thanks’ to our clients.”

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