Jean-Paul Maas Joins 1Call Sales Team

The 1Call Division of Amtelco announced that Jean-Paul Maas has joined the 1Call sales team, serving as the vice president of international sales for the 1Call Division of Amtelco.

Jean-Paul has extensive experience in unified communications and healthcare IT for international markets, and he has held numerous management and leadership roles. Having worked in international sales for leading companies such as Avaya and NEC Unified Solutions, Jean-Paul has an in-depth knowledge of international software integration needs.

Originally from the Netherlands, Jean-Paul has also lived in London and Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He currently lives in Chicago, Illinois. He stated, “I’m very excited to join the Amtelco family and help Amtelco grow their international presence.”

Amtelco president Tom Curtin added, “Amtelco’s 1Call healthcare division is so excited to have Jean-Paul on board. His broad knowledge of international business and his ability to jumpstart our communications workflow solutions abroad will help healthcare systems help their patients throughout the world.”

To contact Jean-Paul call 608-838-4194 or email