LVM Systems Introduces iCentaurus Reporting


LVM Systems released iCentaurus reporting to enable a call center’s remote partners to access data and print reports from authorized databases within the call center’s environment. With this remote reporting tool, healthcare call centers can allow their off-site partners to print patient charts, class rosters, membership lists, and management reports.

Now, when a revenue tracking report is due for a 6:00 a.m. meeting, it will be available with the click of a button, complete with up-to-date data. According to Cheryl Baker, manager of client services for LVM Systems, “Many of our clients have been asking for this functionality. Providing controlled remote access to data and reporting will greatly strengthen our clients’ relationships with the entities they serve.”

Mark Dwyer, COO at LVM added, “Our clients are constantly being asked to do more with less. ICentaurus reporting allows them to leverage their staff, while continuing to meet and exceed the reporting needs of their partners. Doing more with less is what it is all about today.”

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ICentaurus reporting is locally hosted at the healthcare call center site and shared with partners outside the call center through a secured web connection. Once rights to specific databases are granted, and access to specific reports are authorized, remote partners can login and generate their defined reports as agreed to by the host organization.