HealthStream Introduces Echo Inc. to Deliver Contact Center Solutions

HealthStream announced Echo Inc., its newly formed company that combines its HealthLine Systems and SyMed Development businesses, which were acquired in March 2015 and October 2012, respectively. Echo addresses medical staff credentialing, payer credentialing, provider enrollment, provider analytics, and contact center solutions. More than 2,000 healthcare organizations are already benefitting from Echo’s powerful suite of products.

“Today is an exciting day for our clients, employees, and our ‘Plugged into Echo’ partners. Building on the successes of our predecessor companies, Echo’s solutions are playing a crucial role as hospitals seek to transform manual, error-prone activities into scalable, paperless processes that comply with regulations and optimize outcomes,” said Michael J. Sousa, president, Echo. “Moreover, I am excited about our emerging innovations, which I believe will shorten credentialing and enrollment timelines, boost care quality, fuel admissions, and bolster patient and provider satisfaction.”

Echo offers five primary solutions for healthcare organizations, which can be deployed individually or integrated. They are EchoCredentialing, EchoOneApp, EchoAccess, EchoAnalytics, and EchoOnboarding. Echo also launched its “Plugged into Echo” network, a growing eco-system of partners who provide solutions for the Echo community. Their new website is