Emory Selects Amcom Software’s Smartphone Messaging and Pager Replacement Solution

Emory University selected Amcom Software, Inc’s smartphone messaging and pager replacement solution to enhance staff communication.  Amcom Mobile Connect simplifies the process of sending messages and tracking responses among smartphone-carrying staff for code alerts, patient updates, lab results, and consult requests.  Half of Emory’s 4,000 pager users also carry smartphones, making it possible for many of them to consolidate to a single device.

Emory’s Office of Information Technology chose the smartphone messaging solution to integrate with its existing Amcom contact center solutions, which are the backbone for a number of mission-critical communications throughout the Emory organization.  These include applications for operator consoles, Web-based employee directory and on-call scheduling, emergency notifications, and automated speech-based call processing.  Currently, Emory’s contact center operators transmit 8,000 messages per week using the operator consoles and 40,000 per week with the online directory.  With Mobile Connect, these messages can now go to smartphones in addition to pagers.

The software allows Emory to support a diverse user environment, including BlackBerry, Android smartphones, iPhones, and other devices; messages can be sent to any recipient, regardless of device or carrier.  This simplifies communication administration and speeds interaction.