CPM Chooses LVM Software for National Call Center


LVM Systems’ Centaurus software has been chosen by CPM Marketing Group, Inc. to enable its national call center, launched January 6, 2010.  CPM, a customer relationship management (CRM) and strategic marketing solutions company, has entered the call center service arena to support inbound and outbound call marketing services for hospitals and health systems.

The LVM/CPM interface, Instant CRM (ICRM), is a behavioral targeting technology that enables hospitals to tailor phone communication to current and prospective patients based on individuals’ past and present medical indications or their risk for developing future conditions. 

Having this ability to communicate at a granular level is invaluable for relationship building and service line promotion.  The ICRM interface provides critical information to the call center representative both at the beginning of the call and prior to the end of the call, when cross-selling opportunities are most advantageous.

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