Call 4 Health Relocates to Delray Beach, Florida

Call 4 Health relocated its headquarters and call center from Boca Raton to a larger facility in Delray Beach, where it plans to hire more than one hundred employees over the next twelve months. This growth is occurring because the company is landing more accounts.

The company was founded in Boca Raton nineteen years ago. It fields calls for health care firms, including physician offices, hospitals, home care providers, hospices, and pharmaceutical companies.

Call 4 Health CEO Joseph Pores said the business has grown by more than 50 percent a year each of the last three years. The company ran out of room to grow in Boca Raton, where it occupied 8,000 square feet in several locations. They scouted locations from Deerfield Beach to Boynton Beach before leasing 17,800 square feet at 2855 South Congress Ave. in Delray Beach.

Pores applauds the location because it has easy access to Interstate 95 and Tri-Rail. “Many employees are students, so this is a good spot for them,” he added. Call 4 Health brought 250 employees to Delray Beach. “With changes the in Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act, the health care system is trying to find ways to become more efficient,” Pores said. “We are able to focus our staff on tasks that aren’t core competency of the healthcare industry.”

The call center agents help schedule appointments, field after-hours calls, and operate as a hospital switchboard, among other duties. Most of their calls are inbound, and they’re open 24/7.

It cost about $600,000 to renovate the new offices. Pores said it gutted the building and replaced the flooring, lights, and furniture. Its offices include a sound-masking system to dampen the noise in the call center, a mothers’ room, standing desks, and a meditation room. “We were able to design it to suit our needs for the next ten years and beyond,” Pores concluded.